Canadian Footballers!

These are 2 custom sets of russian dolls I produced for someone on ETSY!



This is my version of Nibru! Divinenibru started a thread on Concept Art, asking people to do their own version of this character, Nibru. A brief description of essential elements was provided and LOADS of people have had a pop! See the thread here:


Ringmaster Kokeshi doll

Ringmaster Kokeshi doll, available on Rat Doodle ETSY Shop!

Who Says Romance Is Dead?

Hand painted Romantic Zombie, now available on the Rat Doodle ETSY Shop!


Katie and the Bad Rats Russian Dolls

Special Katie and the Bad Rats russian doll set :)
Available to buy on the Rat Doodle Shop on ETSY!


A Weasel Stole My Hat!

Don't you just hate it when you're in the middle of something and weasel steals your hat?!


Custom wedding set!

This is a custom set I did for a friend who wanted it for a wedding present!
(The couple have a pet cat!)


Movie Monsters - Hand Painted Russian Dolls

Available to buy on ETSY now!

Flying men hand painted russian dolls!

Available on ETSY now!


Do you feel lucky, Acute Viral Rhinopharyngitis?

The germ bustin' cowboy is armed with disinfectant spray and various scrubbing devices.
There's no hope for Germ Boy!
Click for a better look!


Hand painted kokeshi doll

This is the first kokeshi doll I have painted. I will be doing more soon and selling them on ETSY and att the Grant Bradley Gallery Christmas fare in November. The doll measures about 4.25 inches tall, with a rotating head!

They will be priced at £15.00 and custom dolls will be available too!

Latest additions to shop!

New hand painted keyrings! They are about 2.5 inches tall, made of wood and hand painted by ME! I am selling them on ETSY for about £5 each. They will also be on sale on my stall at the Grant Bradley Gallery in November (more details to follow!)

Also available on the Ratdoodle Shop on ETSY:-